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Monday, August 29, 2005

Hurricane Katrina Report from Starkville

We were largely unaffected by Hurricane Katrina, although the eye of the storm passed over Starkville earlier this evening. My parents were without cable. We kept power with the occasional flicker here and there and had satellite most of the evening (which we usually lose anytime it rains hard). My in-laws who live about 30 miles to the west of Starkville are without power but other than that everyone in the family is doing fine. I know we lost a few large limbs, but I think our trees are intact. Area schools are closed tomorrow. We (my family) haven't suffered at all.

That isn't true for a lot of other people, especially in South Mississippi. According to Governor Haley Barber, Mississippi seems to have been hit pretty hard. Media reports say that there are 55+ dead on the Mississippi Gulf Coast (At least 50 in Harrison County).

I keep reading in the media that luckily the hurricane swerved at the last minute and didn't hit New Orleans directly. Tell that to the folks in Gulfport. I realize there is a huge disparity in population between New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast, but lives are lives after all. Most of the news outlets were out of place, a lot of coverage of New Orleans and Mobile for instance. Apparently there were very few crews in Gulfport and Biloxi. Later in the day more reports surfaced from Gulfport as it became clear that Gulport/Biloxi had taken the biggest hit. Relief workers can't even get into the area yet, so Governor Barber is asking for patience from those who are suffering.

UMCOR will be on the scene, naturally, so donate here if you can. Red Cross will be as well, so donate here if you prefer their work.

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