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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Pastors, Politics, and Religion

I've stayed out of the debate about Pat Robertson for a couple of reasons. 1) I'm not a fan of Pat Robertson, 2) He's not a pastor, although he is identified as that (he may be ordained, but my view of ordination is more restrictive than my Baptist brothers. In the UMC, to be ordained as a pastor means you actually have to pastor) and 3) I knew he was getting slammed pretty good by everyone else.

But this Cal Thomas article is a must-read for pastors inclined to politics. Thomas speaks from experience, as I believe he used to be an advisor for the Christian Coalition. Some years ago he dropped out of that for pretty much the reasons he mentions in this article. Why do some pastors want to get so invested into politics? Those of a liberation theological bent have an excuse that I understand (though disagree with) but why do evangelicals want political influence?

Thomas writes:
Too many Christians think if they shout loud enough and gain political strength the world will be improved. That is a false doctrine. I have never seen anyone "converted" to a Christian's point of view (and those views are not uniform) through political power. I have frequently seen someone's views changed after they have experienced true conversion and then live by different standards and live for goals beyond which political party controls the government.
As the Blogfather would put it: "Indeed."

Hat tip: The Corner

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