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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

WordPress and Godaddy.com

I've decided to go the next step and try to move this blog off of blogger and host my account. I don't know what I'm doing, at all. But I did some research and decided to chose WordPress. Let me me say again, I don't know what I'm doing, at all. Since I registered my domain names a while ago through Godaddy.com I decided to use them again. After having a number of problems with setting up Wordpress with the account I googled the problem and found Godaddy is lousy with Wordpress to set up.

Godaddy.com won't/can't help me (Wordpress wasn't developed by us). Right now, I'm trying to work through it, but I may just cancel the account and start somewhere else. I'll update later and let you know if I have any hair left. (At this point, I'm not unhappy with Godaddy. They have kinda tried to be helpful.)

Update: Okay, scrapped the Godaddy.com webhosting. No real complaints about the company yet (we'll see if they give back my full refund, seeing how I cancelled within 4 hours of purchasing a years worth of hosting). I'm just such a newbie at this stuff that without an auto-installer, I couldn't do it.

So, I'm hosting with Blue Hosting. Auto-install of WordPress went great (though it took me a few minutes to find out how to do it). I'm ready to begin customizing WordPress (which I'll do over the next week). In the hour I've been with Blue Hosting, I like them, but no 24 hour tech service like Godaddy.com had. So we'll see.

So new sitet in a few weeks will be at TimSisk.com. I'm supposed to be able to transfer my stuff from Blogger to WordPress with out much problem. (I'm told transferring the comments may be tough, but as my comment section isn't exactly overflowing, I'm sure that won't be a problem).

It's 1 am, I'll turn in now.

Update (2): Just got notified that Godaddy.com has given me a full refund. So I have absolutely no complaints about their service and am pleased with my interaction with them. (I hope they'll find a way to auto-install WordPress though like some other web hosting companies


Army said...

Excellent site, enjoyed my visit! I will be back soon!

Army said...

Excellent site, enjoyed my visit! I will be back soon!

Milo said...

Dumped Godaddy Host and Migrated to Bluehost.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tim... I had a lot of trouble at first too!! In the end, I figured it out and put together this guide for installation to make it as simple as possible from start to finish.


The good news is, if you’ve goofed up the first time, you can start from scratch using this guide.
Happy Blogging

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